Creative Concepts - Editorial Advertising

Graphic Design
Project Overview
Create a cohesive series of advertisements for Campus Rec and Athletic Business Magazine. The two magazines deliver content for Recreation professionals to stay in the know of the industry. The goal is to engage the reader to follow the call-to-action to acquire potential leads for InnoSoft Canada Inc.
How can InnoSoft supercharge recreation facilities? Fusion is InnoSoft's core product that helps recreation professionals streamline their facilities. How can graphic design encompass a software solution without showing the User Interface?
Supercharge your facility - InnoSoft Fusion Core
A magazine mockup of the  publication in Athletic Business Magazine.
My Role
Sketch elaborate ideas, leverage Adobe products, and collaborate with InnoSoft's senior stakeholders.
The Challenge
To create conceptual digital art to convey the motif of the underlying power of a recreation facility powered by InnoSoft Fusion.
Harrison Kelly - CEO,
Paul Duerden - Director of Sales,
Stuart Irvine Sales Executive FusionGO & FusionIM,
Tyler Skworchinski - Manager of Implementation
The final render of the InnoSoft Fusion Core art work.
The final render of "InnSoft Fusion" as the underlying power.
The Solution
After many sketches and presentations, the final rendering combined inspiration from NASA spacecrafts, a Fusion core concept, and four colored energy workflow.
Supercharge your facility final render of the tattoo motif.
A magazine mockup of the publication in Campus Rec Magazine.
Supercharge your facility tattoo concept.
The final render of the underlying power motif via a tattoo.
The Solution
The senior executives and I concluded on a tear-away biomechanical tattoo to represent Fusion.
Supercharge your facility - lighting fast facility access.
A magazine mockup of the publication in Campus Rec Magazine.
The final render of the lightning fast motif.
The final render of lighting fast facility access.
My Solution
I constructed a recreation facility font entrance and incorporated a barcode scanner to hint at InnoSoft's FusionGO mobile app solution.
InnoSoft saw an increase in website traffic and sales leads. These advertisements were great conversation starters and pushed the creative boundaries for future campaigns.

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