A Collection of Mini Case Studies

Graphic & Motion Design
Project Overview
In this mini-series, I present projects that needed to be quick, and concise.
My design expertise shined here because I was able to demonstrate critical thinking while using the principles of design - contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.
The final art work of the server crusher. Servers are died and one server remains.
The final render of the SQL Server 2008 R2 illustration. The character "R2" sadly awaits his final destination.
Dated server character development.
Character development, I researched dated server components.
Scattered died servers.
The first draft of the scene - scattered & destroyed servers.
Server crusher number three.
The second draft - organic pile and a dramatic crusher.
Dated server crusher.
The third draft - added new details and new layout.
Windows server 2008 - times up motif.
The final render for part 2 of the email series.
end of support - out of time motif.
The dooms day clock concept.
Windows Server 2008 written on a tombstone while the sun is setting.
End of support means ... death. (this concept was too dark)
End of support - dead dated servers.
The servers are ... died (contributors felt this was too dark)
My Role
Create concepts and final artwork in 1 day.
The Challenge
To create conceptual digital art to convey the discontinued support for Windows server 2008 & SQL server 2008 R2
Harrison Kelly - CEO,
Paul Duerden - Director of Sales
InnoSoft Hosting Infographic.
The final render of the uploading information to the cloud motif.
My Role
Sketch ideas, and collaborate with InnoSoft's senior stakeholders.
The Challenge
To create conceptual digital art to convey switching to InnoSoft's hosting services is easy. Spark conversations with potential clients and convert them to pay for hosting.
Paul Duerden - Director of Sales
equipment status thumbnail.
Apply payment to money in account.
Layout change for better UX.
buttons added to actions panel.
equipment reservation system thumbnail.
I simplified the user interface to give emphasis to the new features being deployed.
new button change.
thumbnail of login token.
add player thumbnail.
sign a waiver online thumbnail.
Lo-Fi User Interfaces started to become embedded in InnoSoft's visual language.
new button added thumbnail.
person search enhancement thumbnail.
send messages to person(s) thumbnail.
These animations were being used in e-mail marketing, videos, and presentations.
check in with mobile device thumbnail.
Discord integration thumbnail.
out with the old thumbnail.
thumbnail of capacity counter zoom in.
Thumbnail of capacity counter counting up.
I loved building these animations because it brought more life to the new release narration.
Devices falling down with snippets of animations created by Andres.
Animations mocked up in mobile devices.
My Role
Animate Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi user interfaces by using XD and After Effects.
The Challenge
To innovate the motion design process for quick turn arounds.
Harrison Kelly - CEO,
Paul Duerden - Director of Sales
Merna Ghabbour - Implementation Specialist
Kristi Levanduski - Manager of Education
Tamara Speziali - Product Manager FusionIM

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