Editorial Design - Client Facing Documents

Graphic Design
Project Overview
The objective was to create documentation of InnoSoft’s main products: FusionGO (& hardware), FusionIM, and FusionCloud. Before my employment, InnoSoft did not have a designer and this was a project on their wish list to be completed.
The goal was to create client-facing documents that staff members could distribute when a client (or potential client) asked for an overview of each of the products that InnoSoft offers.
My Role
Sketch layouts, design icons, and collaborate with InnoSoft's senior stakeholders.
The Challenge
The CEO and Director of Sales helped facilitate the research and provided all of the copy for the documents. As well as screenshots of the user interfaces and some general imagery.
Harrison Kelly - CEO,
Merna Ghabbour - Implementation Specialist
Paul Duerden - Director of Sales,
Stuart Irvine Sales Executive FusionGO & FusionIM,
Tyler Skworchinski - Manager of Implementation
My Solution
The InnoSoft Slicks went through several meticulous rounds of iterations. I presented many ideas for layouts, grid structures, and conceptual imagery.
When speaking to our sales staff they are delighted to have documents to give to potential and current clients when they request additional information after a sales call. Some potential clients have commented on how useful it is to have documentation presented in a straight to the point format.

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