New Features Animation Trailer

Motion Graphics, Illustrations & User Interfaces
Project Overview
COVID-19 has changed the workforce across the globe. This new normal has InnoSoft thinking of ways to innovate new features to their product suite. How can InnoSoft demonstrate they are taking action?
InnoSoft's goal is to create an animation trailer depicting features to aid in the wake of COVID-19 and new features that are coming shortly.
My Role
Editing, storyboarding, animation, sound effects, and illustrations.
The Challenge
Collaborate with senior executives to understand new features that are in progress.
Harrison Kelly - CEO,
Paul Duerden - Director of Sales,
Merna Ghabbour - Implementation Specialist
Stuart Irvine - Sales Executive FusionGO & FusionIM,
Tyler Skworchinski - Manager of Implementation,
Connor Gatten - Voice Actor
Zoom into the recreation facility
Doors open, continue to zoom in
Interior shot of the rec facility
Pop in the three essential tools for COVID-19
Zoom into the mobile screen
Transition into a shot of someone using the app at home
Transition to a scene of the app being used on the go
Pan to a scene someone checking into the recreation facility using the app
Transition to the scene to show how people are connected via the web app
Zoom into the user interface of a push notification
Transition to the end slate
Early Stages
Creating a solid storyboard is the first step to laying down a foundation for the look and feel of the animation.
Recreation facility architecture.
Recreation Facility Architecture
Interior design of a recreation facility.
Recreation Facility Interior Design
Campus recreation professionals character design.
Character Designs
A face mask, mobile and all purpose cleaner.
Additional Illustrations
My Solution
Research propelled the animation - studying recreation facility architecture design to how current facilities are operating. In addition, letting the developers view the trailer to help tweak parts of the user interface interactions and the accuracy of what's in progress.
The pressure was on from the starting line of this project. The timeline was to get this project out in the market in one month. The byproduct resulted in resilient thinking and innovation of my animation techniques via After Effects.

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